News Travels to the Pier Head

In the photo gallery there is a photograph of the Pier Head pub in Kinvara, a pretty little town south of Galway city. In the rain, the town looks lovely, the shops and numerous pubs painted bright colours. Inside the Pier Head sitting at a table eating chips and drinking coffee, yes coffee, were two Australians. The woman received a phone call from her daughter Kate and began to cry. “What’s going on?” thought the man, tucking into a few more chips while his wife was busy on the phone. The woman handed the phone to the husband, saying, “Mike wants to talk to you?” The Australian tourists were last seen in an Irish pub late on Saturday night celebrating the engagement.

Sam and June announced the wedding date when we were in France and Kate and Mike announced their engagement when we were in Ireland We arrive in Scotland next week.



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  1. Oh Daddy sorry it’s all happening while you’re away, don’t you worry though Dave and Jan are saving the bottle of Grandfather port to have with you when you get back. Can’t wait to celebrate with you both!!

  2. That’s how we were told…..Michael & Kate broke into our house when we were out walking (okay they have a key) and found the much travelled bottle of Grandfather Port in our bar and left it on our kitchen bench. We came home and took a few seconds to wonder why it was there, but suddenly it clicked! OMG they’re engaged! Can’t wait to share it with you both. Happy times ahead!

  3. Congratulations it is certainly all happening while you guys are away ,maybe you should think twice about going to Scotland.Think Ash and Ab started something.The photo of you Sharon at the Bellmont window bought back wonderfull memories of Ireland .We are enjoying following your travels ,and photoes.Love Jenny and Alan

  4. Crack the Champagne. The ribbing Mike was given at the Breaky Creek Pub must have started him thinking. Lovely news and congratulations.
    You’ll be enjoying soft Irish days and lots of green. Love Diane and Rick

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