Agrigento, Sicily

Two and a half thousand years ago, the Valley of the Temples was a Greek city, and the ruins drew us to Agrigento on the southern coast of Sicily.

Me writing about ruins is like talking about music, so I will allow the photographs to say a few words.

Temple of Concordia

Temple of Dioscuri
He gave an arm and a leg to live for 2500 years.
Somewhere in Sicily there are photographs of me. If you can’t beat them, join them.
Temple of Hercules

We drove to our accommodation in the old town. We reversed the car out of pedestrian lanes, my head out the window in the rain, leaking downpipes flattening the hat hair on my head, squeezed the car into cobbled passages, backed out of streets that led to stairways, nudged into doorways to allow dented Fiats right of way, performed twenty point turns in dead end streets, had a finger wagged at us which said,”Don’t go down there!” from a lady in a doorway. We did arrive a tad late, but unharmed with a new car still in pristine condition. Now that takes some effort!

That eventing, we watched the sun set over the Valley of the Temples below Agrigento.

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  1. Looks a great place, Bill and Sharon. Tuscany has been very beautiful as well. Off to La Spezia today and Cinque Terre tomorrow. Sounds like driving down there is no different to anywhere else in Italy.

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