Matera is an ancient town in Southern Italy, quite a drive from Sicily so a few nights here to rest up. Rest up means, keep the kilometre count to under ten a day. 


The hills and steps never end here but we made our way around the town visiting underground houses, above ground churches, underground churches, museums and the like. An interesting town.

An underground house, Matera
An underground house built into the rock of the cliff.
Another manhole cover, Matera
Watch your step. Polished smooth and slippery as ice.

We had to get out of the way of a Ferrari driving down a narrow street, then another and another. Eventually over 100 of the sleek beasts drove by, parked  and were smudged by the likes of us. They are on a round trip in Puglia for the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. I think we’ll come across them again.

Part of the Matera Ferrari Cavalcade.
One of the dozen Ferrari girls in Matera.
The traffic police put on a display to coincide with the arrival of the cavalcade.

After managing to find a dodgy You Tube upload of the State of Origin; we had to watch it with the laptop turned sideways; we hits the streets happy in the evening for another circuit.

Matera – the inside looking out.
Staff waiting for a customer, Matera.
Film poster, Matera

Just thought I’d add one more taken outside a supermarket near the apartment  –

Crapiata – comes in 12 flavours of brown.

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