Castel Del Monte

This 13 th-century fortress on a high hill commanding 360 degree views is  interesting in that it has eight towers on its eight sides. The interior courtyard is an octagon and one highlight for me was the mathematical opening to the sky.

Castle Del Monte has an interesting mix of styles with the yellow limestone in the main building and red coral limestone around the doorways and columns.

Large fireplaces, interesting windows that give great views over the countryside, and richly decorated columns give some hints to its former glory. 

A macabre sculpture exhibition of skulls, skeletons and body parts added to the interest of our visit.

This large figure of a limbless man was in the courtyard.
We had fun setting up this shot. I’ve always thought we had a few skeletons in the closet. But under the bed?
Plaster bandages are usually used for broken body parts. The plaster cast for this sculpture was displayed in another room. 

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