We drove to Locorotondo to see the trulli,the conical roofed houses that dot the towns and countryside here. 

Apparently, they were made so they could be quickly dismantled to avoid the taxman and then reassembled when he had moved on.

We stayed in one on a farm while we were there. The young landlord explained it was lived in by his grandfather. He has made some additions for his B & B.

Our accommodation was under the four conical roofs.

There are many trulli in the local towns especially Alberobello.

Alberbello. Stuck with the wrong lens and the right light. Trulli in the far distance!
Alberobello trulli.

Locorotondo and Alberobello are perched on hill so they command great views.

We walked around the streets of Locorotondo. 

This woman asked if I’d like to take a photograph of her dogs. We thought she was a paid dog walker.

“No. This is not my work, This is my life,” she answered.

What a great answer!

We came across a group of children playing chess.

And popped into the local church.

It is a very pretty part of Italy. We liked it here a lot.

The farm where we stayed.



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