About Bill and Sharon


We are both retired and love to get away here in Australia and overseas. If you liked the blogs from our previous trips when we sloshed through France and the UK, or when we walked through Marrakech for days and then drove over the Tiz-n-Test pass in the Atlas Mountains, or when we rambled through Spain and Portugal and then Turkey, you are probably reading this. Others have gone to watch the grass grow, the paint dry or record numbers painted on passing trains in preference to the ramblings of a greying nomad.

2 Replies to “About Bill and Sharon”

  1. Howdy Bill/Sharon

    How cool is it to see where you guys have been traveling to. I had no idea your holiday was for so long as I knew Kay was already back in Oz some time ago.

    I have just had a sticky beak on the blog after Kay let me know about the site during a chat with her today.

    WOW! Some wonderful and amazing spots you guys have seen.

    Obviously the holiday is doing you both the world of good, both looking very relaxed indeed.

    Stay safe, catch up with you both (this decade) 🙂

    Cheers, Mark at sunny Kinka

    PS: Go the Maroons, Go the Aussies in the cricket!

  2. Hi Bill you’re a hard person to track down I’ve tried two email addresses for you but only to have my email sent back. Not sure if you can see my email address but could you send me a email from an email address to contact you on. I’d like to get in contact regarding The Sargents history. Sorry for posting this on here. Your holiday pictures look amazing.

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