Saturday  12 May

A guard at the airport wagged his finger at me as I took a phone photo of the terminal. I think he was telling me to put that piddly thing away and get out a real camera. In this city, once you do that it is hard to put it away again. 

Twenty dirhams had our luggage wheeled on a cart through narrow lanes, derbs they are called here, up a hill overtaken by donkey delivery loaded with electrical goods from India. Our accommodation, Riad Fes Kettani is down a dingy lane behind a large metal door and inside is an oasis.

The central courtyard of Riad Fes Kettani from the balcony.

Sunday 13 May

Before the sun, I took to the rooftop terrace where it was a chilly 14℃. I was later told that the satellite dishes were termed the flowers of Fes.

For seven hours we were led and driven by our knowledgeable guide through and onto the edge of the medina. The city lanes are numerous, narrow and confusing but lively and mysterious.

We visited the tannery, potters, museums, gates, schools, mosques and forts and even came across the runners in the Fes Marathon. Tomorrow we do it on our own!

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  1. It looks amazing. I am guessing the large vat things is the tannery. The colours and decorations on the buildings are beautiful.

    1. Yes Jo. The tannery is not too far from where we are staying. White chalk vats, then darker ones with pigeon poo, then others with dyes. We were warned about the smell and were offered mint leaves to sniff as an antidote, but found it fitted in with the general odour of the place. Hot here. 40℃ today but no humidity at all so at times is hard to smell anything other than myself.

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