Piazza Armerina, Sicily

Piazza Armerina is not unlike many of the towns we have visited in Sicily.

Piazza Armerina Cathedral

Narrow streets lead us to numerous crumbling churches where men gather and talk, quickly, loudly and insistently. 

The Cathedral, Piazza Armerina, Sicily

Google translate tell us that memorials we see tell of men murdered by the mafia.

Now that we recognise the words, we notice more of these plaques. A town called Corleone is just up the road.

Garibaldi Theatre, Piazza Armerina

I’ve gone to tracing our route via sewer covers. Don’t you think that is a novel idea?

On a holiday road trip, it is easy to forget where you are as the places can be a little similar and tend roll into one. Forgotten where you are? Just check out the manhole cover.

We are in Piazza Armerina, Sicily.

Piazza Armerina shop sign
A cupboard in the street? Go figure.

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